A turning point is a moment between looking honestly at a problem and summoning the will from within to find a solution for it. It is an epoch in your personal history, where you choose a fresh new path and alter the course of your entire life. It is the realization that even if you cannot change your destination overnight, you can change your direction.

At our residential rehab, which is a home-like facility, we holistically work to align and channel the transformative energy of mind, body, and spirit. We offer a variety of healthy activities and alternative therapies to help the clients recover physically, mentally and spiritually. We ensure that they feel at home with our accredited practitioners and integrated natural therapy programs. Thus, when someone follows our proposition with willingness, drive, and dedication, even a few months’ time is sufficient for us to turn their lives around.



TURNING POINT – A RECOVERY SYSTEM aims to provide tools and resources to draw attention to the pervasiveness of alcoholism and challenge the status-quo of America’s drinking culture.



We understand that practicing self love is the only way out of self destruction. The biggest mistake one ever commits, is not seeking help… and help from the right people and place!


As a rehabilitation centre, we understand that most of the people who do seek help and come to us are full of doubts and misconceptions. And thus, we consider it as our duty to patiently treat each of them with much understanding and love. To provide them with the best resources and care, we harbour a family of multidisciplinary experts who are available 24/7 and enables the clients to attain their optimal level of health and well-being. Our closely monitored de-addiction and rehabilitation programs are 99% drug-free and client-centric where they overcome addiction and learn eminent coping skills to restart their independent and productive life in the community. We provide the perfect platform to unplug oneself from the world and breathe in the fresh air of change and transformation. Thus, learning to love themselves and others.. As the old saying goes, ” you can’t pour out of an empty cup “

We believe that the path to recovery is all about changing

‘I can’t’ to ‘we can!’.

As a fully accredited rehabilitation centre, we believe and practice the mantra of treating people from all the three aspects that have been affected during addiction; physical, emotional and also the spiritual, to uplift and empower them from deep within. Our team of counsellors, therapists, psychologists, nurses, and personal trainers take the addicts on a journey of self-growth and realization. They support and take care of each one of them and their families throughout the recovery with patience and discernment. We strive to transform their lives by instilling worthiness, respect and love for the self in them, once again! We believe that you can shower love on others only if you have love within and for yourself!

Turning Point De-Addiction Centre is here to provide treatment with love, care and consideration. And to ensure each of our step is in the same direction, we rely on and work around the models mentioned below:

  • Effective organization
  • Honest and ethical policies
  • Safety & confidentiality
  • Absolute privacy
  • Teamwork & innovation
  • Quality-driven
  • Integrity and high standards of ethical conduct
  • Respect for people
  • One-to-one psychological support and personal mentoring
  • Recreational & free time
  • Vocational & career guidance
  • Research-oriented

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